Pricing & New Teeth Cost

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Pricing & New Teeth Cost

New Teeth Cost

Every patient deserves to have a complete, straight, and healthy smile that they will be proud to show off every single day. Unfortunately, there are a variety of mishaps that can happen throughout one’s life that will result in tooth loss or teeth that have been so damaged that they must be removed. For those that experience this, dental implants are often the best option for an attractive and permanent solution to recreate their smile. Here is a look at why tooth loss occurs, how dental implants work, new teeth cost, and what patients can expect after this procedure.

The Importance of Treating Tooth Loss

For adults, the most common reasons for tooth loss are a buildup of plaque within the mouth and one’s diet. These two factors will not only weaken the teeth themselves, they will also affect the soft tissue around the teeth and the area of the jaw in which the teeth are anchored. When teeth do fall out, all patients should immediately begin researching their options for replacements and what their new teeth cost may be. When left untreated, the teeth surrounding the empty area in one’s mouth will begin to slouch inward, potentially causing permanent damage to the jaws and gums. There is also a much higher chance of infections within the gums and bone loss on the jaws.

The Process of Dental Implants

A patient’s new teeth cost will come down to a few factors including the materials used for the implant rods, the amount of new teeth needed, and other mitigating medical factors such as gum disease or bone loss. For most patients, however, dental implants are more effective than ever and can lead to a lifelong new smile. The implants are carefully anchored into the jaw at which point the jaw is allowed to fuse with the anchors themselves. Then, customized new teeth are fixed to the implants, each having been designed to perfectly match the size, shape, and color of the natural teeth.

A Permanent New Smile

Once the implants are in and the mouth has healed, patients need to do nothing more than keep up with their regular daily oral hygiene habits to keep both their natural teeth and their new teeth bright and healthy. For those that are in danger of losing teeth or have recently lost one or more teeth, implants remain the most advanced treatment option for a dazzling new smile.

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