What are Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are known by many names, but basically they are the third set of molars in your mouth.

Most people have four wisdom teeth, though it is not uncommon to have only two or three wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the last of all the teeth to develop or come in. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed during their teenage or adult years because there is simply not enough room in the mouth to keep them. When wisdom teeth come in, very often they will push the second molars forwards to make room for the wisdom teeth to surface. This is not only painful, but it can also do a lot of damage to your mouth, including the teeth, jaw, and gums.

It is also very common to have impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that grow under the gums and because of the other teeth taking up space on the jaw bone and in the mouth, they cannot surface. Impacted wisdom teeth that do not get removed can be extremely painful and can bring on infections and other discomforts and oral dangers. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, then your dentist or oral surgeon will want you to have them removed. And getting wisdom teeth removed, especially impacted wisdom teeth, is better done sooner than later.

Going to an oral surgeon is sometimes the best route to take for getting wisdom teeth removed. An oral surgeon specializes in getting wisdom teeth removed in addition to other oral surgical procedures. Whether you have impacted wisdom teeth or just regular wisdom teeth that came in all the way without too much pain, it might be a good idea for you to see an oral surgeon and talk about getting wisdom teeth removed. Everyone knows that getting wisdom teeth removed is very painful. Many people are afraid of dentists, and rightly so. Oral pain is for many people the worst kind of pain. Pain from impacted wisdom teeth or other kinds of oral or tooth pain can affect your whole head, causing many other problems, such as headaches and blurred vision.

Getting wisdom teeth removed by a professional oral surgeon may be the best route because the impacted wisdom teeth, having been removed, are no longer a problem causing pain in your daily life. And an oral surgeon who specializes in wisdom teeth can make the overall experience less painful. Not only is the procedure itself very painful, but the cost can be painful to your checking account. With an oral surgeon, however, the pain you experience getting wisdom teeth removed can be lessened significantly by use of the right tools and equipment. Your wisdom teeth oral surgeon has the experience and expertise that you need to feel comfortable with the wisdom teeth extraction surgery. And oral surgeons are covered by most medical and dental insurances, so the cost of removing your wisdom teeth does not have to be scary either. If you are worried about getting wisdom teeth removed, call your wisdom teeth oral surgeon today to discuss your options.

Wisdom teeth article.

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