Teeth Implants Cost and Procedure

If you are looking into getting teeth implants, you may be wondering a few things.

Perhaps you’re wondering How much do teeth implants cost? Are teeth implants painful? and What is the standard teeth implants procedure? There are a lot of things you need to know about teeth implants before you commit to a teeth implants procedure. You will need to talk to your dentist and decide together whether teeth implants are right for you.

The actual teeth implants procedure takes a long time and is a process usually completed in three steps. The first step is planting the teeth implants anchor. This involves numbing the mouth with a local anesthetic and drilling a hole through the gums and into the jaw bone and then placing the teeth implants anchor in the whole. This step is the most painful. Dentists and teeth implants oral surgeons say that it is not painful because of the local anesthetic and that you will only feel slight amount of pressure. Don’t kid yourself. It hurts. And healing from this step takes about four months. Those four months are not pain free either. But you are on your way to a great smile and a healthy mouth, so it is worth it. After four months of healing and allowing the teeth implants anchor to set and bond with the bone and gums, the teeth implants post is put in place at the top of the anchor. This part of the teeth implants procedure takes only one day and you are numbed with a local anesthetic. The final stage is where the teeth implants oral surgeon puts the crown, or the actual tooth replacement, on the post and fits it to your mouth. This step of the teeth implants procedure may require many visits as the fitting takes a lot of time and work to make it match your teeth and smile and fit right. It starts with the teeth implants oral surgeon taking impressions of your teeth and building a tooth that is the right fit for you and ends with your new healthy smile and mouth.

Another thing you may be wondering about teeth implants is how much do teeth implants cost. The actual cost of teeth implants varies from patient to patient and doctor to doctor. More experienced teeth implants doctors will naturally charge more for a teeth implants procedure. That is to be expected. And you may be willing to pay top dollar for the most experienced teeth implants professional available. Or you may be willing to sacrifice teeth implants experience for cost. You need to choose your teeth implants oral surgeon for yourself and make sure that you feel comfortable with both the teeth implants experience level and the cost of your physician. It is impossible to say exactly how much do teeth implants cost in general or for your specific case because it varies so much from person to person. Many medical or dental insurance companies will pay for the cost of teeth implants if it is a dental or medical necessity for you.

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