Implant Dentistry and Tooth Implant Procedure

Implant dentistry is the business of replacing those gaps left by extracted teeth. 

Implant dentistry is a specialized field of the oral surgery in the dental industry. While most oral surgeons provide a variety of services, including the tooth implant procedure and wisdom teeth removal, there are some oral surgeons whose focus and sole industry is implant dentistry. The specific field of implant dentistry provides only the tooth implant procedure, which is necessary for some people. You may choose to undergo a tooth implant procedure with an implant dentistry specialist for a few reasons. A specialist will have seen a majority of unique cases that provide a unique experience. A specialist may also be able to provide a general anesthetic if you prefer to be asleep during the procedure.  More reasons might include if you have lost a tooth and are wanting a permanent replacement tooth. Some people choose removable dentures over implant dentistry because they have lost enough teeth that it is cost effective to have a removable set of false teeth. For some people who choose dentures over implant dentistry, their gums or jaw bone or both are too weak, brittle and frail to handle the tooth implant procedure.

While the tooth implant procedure is painful and the recovery time may take longer than you would like, many people find implant dentistry very rewarding. Few implant dentistry patients experience dental implants problems. If you have recently undergone a tooth implant procedure and you are experiencing pain, bleeding, swelling, or other dental implant problems, call your implant dentistry specialist right away. Your implant dentistry oral surgeon will want you to come in right away so that your surgeon can alleviate the dental implant problems you are experiencing. Dental implant problems do not occur because you had a tooth implant procedure and you do not have to put up with them on your own. Call your implant dentistry specialist today.

The tooth implant procedure involves removing the old tooth from the gums, including the root. The the implant dentistry oral surgeon drills a hole through the gums and into the jaw bone itself to secure the new implant. The surgeon then places an anchor into the hole and gives the gums and mouth some time (usually a few weeks) to heal and allow the anchor to set. When the patient returns to the implant dentistry clinic after the specified amount of healing time, the implant dentistry oral surgeon places the new tooth onto the anchor and finalizes the fit. The surgeon then places the proper size for its surrounding teeth and that it is the right height and shape for biting and chewing. The surgeon will change or readjust the implant for optimum success. While the procedure can be costly and painful, a dental implant may be the solution to your problem. Call an implant dentistry clinic today to see what your options are.

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Author: Creekside Oral Surgery